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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-15

  • @RevNathan Yah, it was hotter in the evening at my place than in the afternoon… humid too #
  • Working on project billy & delivering hardware at the same time. #
  • Chaned my “Face” all over the place… now I am a Cartoon #
  • Londoners, what the hell was going on last night around 12:30, about 20-30 emergency vehicles passed my place going west. Any ideas? #
  • @KVL I don’t/didn’t see any news about it. My first thought was “Finally, I get to test out my Zombie Survival Kit” given the sheer volume. #
  • @JCDean Bye OpenDNS Hello self-hosted and cached locally DNS #
  • mad that I could of have had a good working lunch instead of a food-less wait for a callback, still it is almost beer-o’clock. #
  • Good God, these Breaking News Spams are going like bonkers. Please “Rendition” the source to Jupiter, pretty please. #
  • Emptied the workbench at the other end of the shack loaded up the shelves for a move inside the office building #
  • “improved” my manga face: #
  • New possibly fake/viral ad blog to check out:
    Fun to read either way #
  • Wii Homebrew Notes…. Time to unpack the Wii #
  • @RevNathan I’m holding out hope for a software loader for old games. #

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