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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-18

  • The crickets are amazing tonight #
  • I have to call my Landlord, nothing is getting fixed around the house and I get the feeling they would rather I was buying than renting… #
  • Shoot, I forgot my pocket utilities… No graphics work today. #
  • Finally posted something from my own site to Digg #
  • Busy today…. really busy and all over the place. #
  • Waiting for a DVD to burn so I can build a computer machine to placate a person. Placate. Is it better than mollify? #
  • DVD failed
    Moving on to iPod as Storage for Image files #
  • New DVD worked… hadn’t closed the session maybe? #
  • @RevNathan All Hands, Emergency meeting or expected? #
  • @happyguy I think your upload app would have to do it, maybe there’s an app to monitor your flickr feed for changes and post them as tweets? #
  • @happyguy I customized mine outside of the manga face thing… I’m going to “decay” more tonight I think. #

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