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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-20

  • At the middle of “across the universe” there is a bit where the girl spouts a lyric as dialogue and I die a little inside, it’s too clunky. #
  • It’s nice outside, the air smelled great and it’s not hot. In the shack, it’s muggy #
  • @shelisrael I know. I noticed it was dim these past few days, but it was REALLY DARK this morning, but maybe it’ll stay warm like last year? #
  • Quick Poll: Do Men love “The Princess Bride” more than Women? Does that make it a “Guy Movie”? #
  • I’m work shopping an idea about a society that has no needs and can’t remember why, they have a series of boxes that produce everything… #
  • Gah, spell check before publish! #
  • “In the private sector – the real world – dangerous stooges can be fired more readily. No lawyers or union reps required.” <- Hollow … #
  • @markwilson12 Garden State. #
  • mimodaddio, you’re a spammer. Blocked for great justice. #
  • I’m moving offices and after removing all of the paper “flair from the wall, I’m having trouble focusing on the monitor… #
  • Moved 100% of my stock and equipment… now to move desks… #
  • @KVL #
  • @KVL Eeewww That costs money… <grin> #
  • Damn… monitor died at home. #
  • Problem solved… plugs were out, solved it without leaving the office. #
  • Look at Me, Look at me, I’m driving and I won’t stop (Except at Mr. Sub) #

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