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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-27

  • Massive Dynamics are Future Miners. #
  • Busy afternoon, busy until 10:30. Finally able to blog this morning. Need to study some more. #
  • I want to use “sotto voce” somewhere in my writing soon. Also ‘Alimentarlo, io sono affamato!” #
  • I’ve put up a wp-based photo gallery at that trailing slash makes all the difference it seems. #
  • @billdeys GPOs that renew every 20 mins and no local admins. #
  • @billdeys Oh and no local filesystem access either. #
  • @billdeys of course, I’m assuming you run winders… LoL #
  • Meeting – Now #
  • @billdeys I only have two at home (tons at work), but I still have no local admin rights for “users” on sensitive machines. #
  • @templesmith You can’t tell me that you’re not in the tank for “WeFinallyKill the <theme> Movie Guys Movie” Where they flay the pr … #
  • Writing long tweets #
  • Considering what to do with #

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