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US Politics are Sexy: Foetus Freedom Forever!

Remember these guys?
Remember these guys?

The US election continues to turn on a wheel that maddens me and confuses me all at once.  Faced with a choice between a young black guy who (for all intents and purposes) represents little change from the status quo and an Old White Guy who represents more of the same, they choose more of the same.  The reasons behind this are fairly clear (crazy as they are) and not the least of which is “Invisible Men”

The folks I’ve posted here are nice people, and I’ve held them up for some ridicule, but only because of their motivations, not their goals.  Their goals (though I disagree with them) appear moral on their face:  “Saving Babies.”

Cute Baby
Cute Baby

Who can honestly argue that babies shouldn’t be saved, babies are so cute, right?  They come from their mom and need all the care and comfort in the world just to survive and represent the hope for the future, right?

So there we have the sensible and secular motivation to save babies, they are cute, they have potential and represent the ongoing future of humanity.

That is almost never the face presented by the anti-abortion folks, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one protest that used that kind of sane reasoning it’s always the same: “Abortion is Murder, Let’s Pray”

The folks at the DNC are no different.  Wrapping yourself in a selpuchure and walking out to say that this or that is moral or immoral because this book written by mushroom addicts in the early centuries says so is kind of crazy.  They want to be a political force (and they are) but they want to do so by imposing their belief structure on the world as a whole.  They believe that they are moral and upright and that their morals and uprightness are how the reat of us should behave.  It’s that imposition that annoys the same about the behavior of extremely liberal people, the extremely liberal or lassiez-faire types would allow everyone to behave as they may (within reason) and of course let anarchy reign (in the markets, etc).  Both ends of the spectrum, both axioms of ethos, life.

As we (in the north) watch the elections in the south; we should remember these folks, and how often they team up to do their “best” to impose their beliefs on all of us.

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