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Month: October 2008

Blowing the lid of

Here’s where things get a great deal more interesting on this whole “Prank”

Usually, when you are going to perform a redirect as a prank, you use an A record to redirect the request, so is redirected to via an A record. In this case the redirect is a highly disrecommended CNAME or Canonical Nam pointing to an IP address the record reads like this VOTEFORTHEMILF.COM IN CNAME

This IP, whether you go to it via http:\\ or (which now seems to redirect to google in some cases) goes to a special Palin greeting.

All of this is kind of known, but I’m providing a summation that makes the “It was a prank” angle seem like a stupid bit of misdirection.  How could the prankster have known that led to a special palin message? has no PTR record and is the A record of JOHNMCAIN.COM but NOT
The A Record for points to an aliased address from his DNS hosting provider:

Aliases: does not

Non-authoritative answer:

Visiting the IP of in your browser connects you to nothing.

Visiting the IP of in your browser connects you to a website.

Why would the webmaster of John Mcain’s website link a site to one IP and not the other?  That’s more than odd.  Here’s why, it’s the same amount of work to set it up, you can copy and paste one configuration to another and make it active so that WEB recquests for IP one and IP two will go to the same place, but in this case reqeusts initially bound for end up going to a special palin greeting. How could the prankster have pre-knowledge that the greeting would be there?  I mean, if was a simple redirect to the IP, and the IP (in the case of the more popular does not connect to a configured website why would they imagine it would magically connect to a Palin related website?

This story is not over, not complete and the “prankster” isn’t giving up their secrets at all.

In the end, this is just a distraction, but it’s a fun tech mystery too, and what’s more fun on a Friday night than a fun tech mystery, right?

There really are some racist bastards out there

According to parents and students in Greg Howard’s seventh-grade social studies class, Howard on Friday, Sept. 26 asked the class a question regarding Obama’s call for change, and proceeded to write out what the letters C-H-A-N-G-E stood for.

“She told me that he wrote on the board ‘Can You Help A (expletive) Get Elected, and then laughed about it,” said Shelia Christian, a mother of one of Howard’s students.

Marianna teacher ‘told students what ‘CHANGE’ stood for’

As if this isn’t enough;  this comment was added:

Posted by ( leroy ) on October 03, 2008 at 9:00 am



The Teacher was trying to make a joke (if the facts are presented correctly) a poor joke that might have been accepted from the mouth of a comedian, but not to a bunch of middle-school kids, right?  That being said, if the semi-anonymous comments on the article are accurate, the teacher in question (Greg Howard) has been making loaded comments for a while now, while protected by the complacency of the school administration.

Myself, I’m not outraged, people say stupid crap all the time and laugh or tell inappropriate jokes, that’s the way of the world.  I don’t think any one group is inferior to me because of how or to whom the are born; but I will certainly crack jokes at the expense of an individual or a group based on stereotypes, that’s kind of how humor works.  Fat people like to eat, Hard Core Christians are willfully ignorant, smart people are nerdy and so on.   Broad stereotypes form the foundation of some humor and I can’t condemn anyone for using them for humor’s sake.  I can’t, however, condone slurs for the sake of a joke, especially to kids.

So Greg, I don’t envy you, you’ve put your foot right in your mouth, it’s time to either face the music and step down or weather the storm (if you can) and work for forgiveness. However, if you have an axe to grind with Obama, and this is how you express it; you probably deserve what’s coming.

From a web article the looks like parody about Toby Keith Backing Obama:

PAarmyWife See Profile I’m a Fan of PAarmyWife permalink

Toby Keith is a country singer with an extreme conservative base. I just came from his concert tonight and just stumbled upon this possible fact that Keith supports Obama. IF this is true, and a big IF, he can be certain that backs will turn and it’s possible he will lose some of the very fan base he has created over the past few years built upon conservative principles. My husband is a military man and is not very fond of country music but has always respected Keith for what he has done for the troops and his outspoken patriotism. This would be a huge disappointment to my family if he was no backing a piece of filth. But then again, to mainstream Hollywood, it’s the “cool thing” to do. I have always assumed Keith was above all the Hollywood hype.

Did she call Obama a piece of filth?

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-02

  • I had to turn on the heater last night; for your records that is October 1, 2008; It’s set to 65 overnight and 70 in the AM for a bit #
  • @chris_johnson New West to the Coalition States? Why not traverse a Rift? (This random tweet brought to you by Palladium Games) in reply to chris_johnson #
  • Search for “Oh say can you rock” on google… #
  • @Avatarpress It did it here too, Summer will be back next week for a return tour I bet. in reply to Avatarpress #
  • Busy setting up laptops today #
  • @happyguy The King’s Diner? in reply to happyguy #
  • @happyguy That’s east of Richmond, sorry, near Galleria, but it is the best in reply to happyguy #
  • @HybridZero I’d suggested the Kings Diner near Galleria, but it’s just east of Richmond. in reply to HybridZero #
  • @brianshaler I usually stuff it under my chair. in reply to brianshaler #
  • I have to leave the building, on the clock and venture out to get AAA batteries. May go to Walmart to do it. #
  • @HybridZero You’re very welcome. If you get the chance, try their Chicken Salad Sandwich, it’s great. in reply to HybridZero #
  • The Batmobile hiccuped and died on the road today. It may not be long for this world #
  • I just gave myself a mild case of electrocution #
  • I should work on a video tonight… something. #
  • @joeljohnson Smokers tend to litter anyway, biodegradable plant seed smokes might be awesome. Patent it, do it now, now now now. in reply to joeljohnson #
  • @DVDQuotes No one watched House Party 2, not even Camron from the Young Black Teenagers, and he was in it. in reply to DVDQuotes #
  • Chicken Dinner tonight, any suggestions? #
  • oh, wait, curry. I’ll make curry #
  • @Ultramegakungfu I think those are halloween costumes in reply to Ultramegakungfu #
  • Laughing so hard that I’m crying at “Shoot the Messenger” #

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The Pat Robertson Prayer Challenge

In conclusion, it is my opinion that we have between 75 and 120 days before the Middle East starts spinning out of control.  If there was ever a time for fervent prayer, it is now.  Prayer can change the course of history!  The Bible says, “Seek righteousness, seek humility. … that you may be hid in the day of the Lord’s wrath.”  “… the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

The believing prayers of tens of thousands of God’s people can change the hearts of the leaders of Russia and Iran.  God can cause situations to arise which will save Israel.  He is Almighty.  With God all things are possible!

With that in mind, I urge you to fervently seek God’s intervention in the following areas:

  • Pray that God’s mighty angels would surround and protect our nation in these perilous times;
  • Pray for unity among the body of Christ as we intercede for our nation and our world;
  • Pray that America’s leadership will seek godly wisdom as they face critical events in the weeks and months ahead;
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to sweep across the globe, preparing hearts to accept Jesus and enter God’s Kingdom before tragic events unfold;
  • Pray for God to change the hearts of leaders in Russia, Iran, and other nations who wish to do harm to Israel.

Hopefully, our Lord will intervene and head off the disaster that seems to be approaching.  Let us pray together.  With God all things are possible!

Okay folks, here it is.  The Pat Robertson Prayer Challenge, this is where the rubber meets the road on Christianity, Prayer and the Intercession of Faith.

As a Celebrant, you can say to the flock, “Pray for X or if you don’t U will happen” if X happens you can say “You Prayed well and have been rewarded” and if Y happens you can say “You didn’t show enough faith, next time you will pray harder or give more of yourself”.  As long as X is easy “No Fire Demons come From the Sky” and Y is likely “Someone’s house will Burn Down” it means that the celebrant can effectively use statistics and basic common sense to look like a conduit for Gods words.  When in all likelihood they are just an astute observer of statistics and human behavior.

The Prayer Challenge

Between today and January 1st, Pat Robertson says that the Middle East will erupt in chaos and a limited nuclear exchange may occur unless his followers pray for Russian and Iran to “back down” if they don’t he can say “See, your prayers saved Israel” and if they do he can say “You didn’t Pray hard enough” or if Barack Obama is elected President and they do he can say “It’s your fault for electing that man, this is your Punishment”

What about a Third outcome?  What it American invades Iran and touches off a real war with Russia?

What if American forces step in among the Balkans?

What if Isreal bombs Iran?

Prayer against a massively negative outcome is easy, especially if it is unlikely.  Praying that a comet won’t hit the world is easy, and likely to come true.  Prayer that you won’t get wet on a rainy day is stupid, as you are going to get wet on a rainy day if you go out without rain gear on.  So to is this prayer easy, it’s highly unlikely that either Iran or Russia would provoke a nuclear war “Just because” and let’s face it, if the rhetoric of our politicians was enough to provoke a real war, Iran would have bombed Isreal years ago.

If Prayer is REAL and the world is on the edge of massive nuclear war, then it is likely that it WILL happen, because as you know, America has fallen to the forces of evil already:

We have insulted God at the highest level of our government.  Then, we say, “Why does this happen?”  It is happening because God Almighty is lifting His protection from us.
Once that protection is gone, we are vulnerable because we are a free society.

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-01

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My Little Christo-Fascist

Special Note: Yes, the title of this post is deliberately provocative.  Sometimes I just like to poke the bear and see if it really is asleep or just lying in wait.

I was raised Catholic and questions of faith and religion truly do enthuse me; I enjoy the debate and the conflict that surrounds religion. I willingly get into conflicts with my friends and family over religion and hope that my views on the matter have evolved over time in response to new information and my own personal growth as a person.  I also strongly believe that my brain wasn’t fully baked in place until my mid-twenties, and may still be cooling today.