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Day: June 9, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-06-09

  • Back at the office, shooed away flight-vermin from entrance to office. #
  • cleared some tickets – shooed the flight rats – transferred security tapes, good morning thus far #
  • Inbox is clean – tickets are clean – sweating #
  • dealing with the trauma of fanboys discussing the politics of comic book characters. #
  • “Generals Gathered in Their Masses – Just Like Witches at Black Masses”… Hmmm, that sounds right, Let’s proceed. #
  • Didn’t the keynote say the max price would be 199 USD for the phone itself? #
  • Hmm, I am teh suck at reading. #
  • What does your phone do that makes it a real SciFi affair? [if it did it 60 years ago] #
  • @JCDean I had registration turned off (due to incessant comment spam) Here you go: #
  • @picard102 Looking at their prices, I don’t think they will even kiss you afterward. #
  • @ Me Gotta put the analytics code back in place dude. #
  • IUpon seeing wheel of fortune, I switched the channel. Me waving my hands : “Poof, I used my magic powers to ^*#& it off” #

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