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Day: June 12, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-06-12

  • Going back to Sabayon, OSX install disappointed #
  • Ground Control to Major Tom #
  • Bed Time – Good Night Internet. See you in the Morning #
  • Agh, slept in! #
  • Hmmm – Good to know #
  • okay, so that was a bad idea. Pulling in posts from my old blog pretty much killed a bunch of my website. #
  • Two new twitter spammers lisaholt and Melissa Walker. Why? Why spam with nonsense? #
  • AGH, several HUNDRED extra posts to delete #
  • Cleaned up from that disaster – Thanks MySql! #
  • Hmmm, I was wondering how I got to 1000 updates so fast. I bet my LJ looks hellish now. #
  • I should be able to clean up from my LJ disaster easily using Scribefire, right? #

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Gods own trucker

Gods own trucker, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

If it wasn’t for the one that read “If It is Gods Will, I Will” I wouldn’t have taken notice of this guys grill. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the trucks I pass every day decorated this explicitly.

Hard Drive Motor

Hard Drive Motor, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

I have three of these Hard Drive motors, what can I do with them folks?

Oh What a Goo Siam

So I tried to get all slick and use a plugin to import my VOX blog into this blog.

It imported dupes totaling about 800.  Nearly 800 extra entries. It nearly killed my server.  (Sorry guys)

I really need to set up a test server for this stuff.

Sorry about the downtime folks

Silverman can No Longer Help

When we asked what the rationale was, we were told, `We don’t have to give you a rationale.‘”

–Peter Silverman on the discussion that ensued when
“Silverman Helps” was brought to an end by Rogers management

Rogers has been steadily building a media empire the likes of Clearchannel or Newscorp in the US.  With that growth seems to be the ever-increasing “corporatism” that I noted in my post over on vox (  That is to say the culture becomes very insular and profit focused, forsaking tangible goodwill for monetized good-something.

“We have more user-generated content than ever,” argued Haggarty. “We’re not any less committed to defending the consumer. We’re reviewing and relooking at everything. This is all just a part of the process.”

–Jamie Haggerty

As if user-generated equals actual parcipitation.  I could pull a bunch of youtube video and call it user generated too.  CityTV and Much built a great deal of their cache on the backs of the kids and soccer moms that seemed to orbit the Queen and John studio in waxing and waning numbers, it appears that the Rogers folks are looking to turn that culture into a “Good Morning America” type culture where they set the hours for participation from the audience.  The death of “Speakers Corner” and “Silverman Helps” seem to be setting that path ahead with increasing clarity.

CityTV under Moses Znaimer was community-focused and accessible.  It remains to be seen what the Red and White of Rogers will do to the nigh-institution of City.

Quotes pulled from this article at “The Toronto Star”: