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At least teh Graphs ar amozing

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6 graphs, i wonder in what crappy pc and what vga he used as you can see in the screenshots the graphs are FAR better than brother in arms that came at the same date so tell me look at the screenshots and tell me which one looks better? hell this game got good physiques if you blow something up it will break , and boxes and corpses will fly on the air, juddgin by this game good perfomance and ageia physx high requirements fo the same physiques while i think those were amazing , eg brother in arms came out at th same time but it didnt even have physiques!, bulletholes are cool too!

Holy Cow, this anti-review needs a dramatic reading!

Shorthand for the literate reader:
graphs = graphics
vga = resolution
physiques = physics or perhaps “a physics engine”

Wow, this guy is serious. I thought at first he was some sort of sock puppet for the game’s (Psychotoxic) producers. I think I am wrong, this is just an emphatic fan.

If I remember, I will have to sit down and record this as a dramatic reading; it’s GOLD!

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