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Day: July 8, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-08

  • @minibookexpo I heard about minibookexpo on Boing Boing, I live in London, Ontario #
  • Quote: “Dear Lord, please let my last words be both dramatic AND hideously blasphemous!” #
  • If one yells quite loudly down the holes in the field, one may wake the world once more and shake off the slumber of this modern age. #
  • BAM! nikkimarch, you’re a spammer! #

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When someone says "The Man" do they Mean Theodore Bilbo?

From Wikipedia

Theodore Gilmore Bilbo (October 13, 1877–August 21, 1947) was an American politician. Bilbo, a Democrat, twice served as governor of Mississippi (1916–20, 1928–32) and later became a U.S. Senator (1935–47). A master of scathing filibuster and a “rough and tumble” fighter in debate, Bilbo became a synonym for white supremacy. He held unapologetic “anti-Negro” views and was a fiery defender of segregation. He was noted for his short stature (5’2″ or 157 cm), wore flashy clothing, and was nicknamed, “The Man” because he tended to refer to himself in the third person [1]

I’ve often wondered about “The Man” and his world.  Does “The Man” stride amongst us, haughty and cruel?  Does “The Man” have children?  Do you need to be rich to be “The Man”?  Can “The Man” be something other than a white conservative? All that said, who is “The Man”?  Is it simply someone if control of your life who is not a benevolent family member?  Is “The Man” simple a malevolent force for that removes control from your life?  Is it a series of unfair laws and social norms?  Does “The Man” work to keep people down, or is it simply a confluence of circumstances that allows “The Man” to remain a figure of menace?

How does one throw off the chains of “The Man”?

Hey Joe! What you doin' with my garbage?

I forgot what day it was last night, and put my garbage out on the curb.  My big, 2 weeks old garbage bag.  Full of chicken.

Get the picture?

Be glad I didn’t take one, it was a disaster.

What is it about garbage that attracts the animals?  Is it the rotting meat?  Ewww!

Jen ended up having to re-bag a bunch of garbage, fighting clouds of flies and beating a raccoon to death no doubt, since I was at work already.

I’m firmly in the “I wish we had bag tags so that I could put out extra garbage” camp.  I still don’t have recycling containers and so have tons of garbage that needs to be dealt with and last week I ended up having to store garbage in the garage as we had too many bags out.  If I could have paid to put out more bags, I would have.

Anyone in the London area know where I can buy recycling containers?

NiteMayr’s helpful advice on raccoon fighting:

Raccoon combat is never pretty, it always seems to involve low blows and insults about one’s mother. I will usually just toss some cat food off to the side and insult their love of “pussy food”.  Yes, it’s a low blow, but it puts them off-balance for the final “yo mama’s so furry that she has an entire page on Encyclopedia Dramatica” which sends them into a shame spiral.  It’s troubling that even racoons are familiar with ED, but that’s the viral nature of the ‘net for you!

–Nitemayr “Raccoon Combat”

Writer's Block? Let me have that

Writer’s Block? Let me have that, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Spencer tries to help out when I’m stuck for ideas, he’s just a kitten so you can’t really blame him for constantly suggesting that I write about that stuff in the sunbeams and the interesting way the birds move. Not that those aren’t important subjects, it’s just that I don’t find to much human appeal in writing about being scratched on the ears and eating kibble. I may be wrong, but I’ll keep to large hominid style writing for now Spencer.