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Day: July 16, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-16

  • Upgraded a bunch of plugins. removed seesmic, no point in it really. #
  • Interesting: 36-hour cookies #
  • @SpencerTucker I have a workmate who is a comic fan who is NOT planning to see it, but he hasn’t seen Batman Begins either. #
  • This barenaked ladies story is big news… tripled my normal hit count today. Stay strong Steven Page. #
  • @SpencerTucker He’s not big on movies. I’ve been recommending all these movies, but he just doesn’t like sitting still for long periods. #
  • Why has my “random” playlist been so VAST heavy today. I’m not even depressed. #
  • More VAST…. Hmmm, is my media player trying to tell me something? Is my media player depressed? #
  • Fiddled a bit with my theme at the blog to actually include a permalink in the articles… link to my articles at your leisure #
  • Time to go and put 60 bucks worth of gas into the car… grrrr #

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More Newswire Crap!

reprinted from: Agencies Help Owners Take In Strangers To Keep Their Homes

”Where we see it being of value is if someone is having short-term problems,” she said. “The average stay of a sharer is about a year, and some are much less. It’s good for someone leaving a marriage or a relationship, or going to school. You can’t count on it as a regular income. It’s a stopgap.”


After counselors from St. Ambrose interviewed Terry and Ongiri, Terry drove to the house where Ongiri was living alongside three men. Right away, Terry said, “I’m like, she don’t need to be living here with three males. I felt as if I could help her, get her out of that area and that living arrangement. I hoped she felt the same way.”

Ongiri said she was relieved to know “I wasn’t going to move in and find the house was in foreclosure or something equally distressing.”

Yes, that “STORY ENDS HERE…” section is in the actual article.  I was looking for more about the subjects of the story and hit a bunch of reprints of the wire.  Why post a story with no further research or at least a care for editing? This is just laziness on the part of the news director/editor from this site.

I went ahead and searched for that phrase on “the google” and hit upon a bunch of sites that just didn’t care enough to edit the newswire.  It’s what passes for “news” I guess, it explains a great deal about how and why people aren’t up on the news and have their opinions formed by Talk Radio and Cable news, doesn’t it?

Fought Super-Spies in my Sleep

I write about my dreams here in the blog every once in a while, so I don’t feel too exposed when I say that last night I dreamed I was a super-powered spy.  I had a watch that could be used to select from a series of super abilities (like a super powered jump or super strength) and a goofy robot companion.

In the part of the dream I clearly remember, my team leader was drawing out a super-spy villainess out of her bunker so that we could apprehend her.  In true comedy action fashion, our goofy robot sidekick popped up and tipped her off, so she took off using her own super powers, while we gave chase.  I rounded a corner, (using super jumping to catch up) and found her standing over the bodies of my team mates, laughing at me.  I lunged at her and as I did woke up to find I was lunging at my wife in my sleep and apparently about to do her harm as I grabbed her.  She said “Hey!” and shook me off and I woke up, feeling sheepish.

It was quite a wake up.

Barenaked Lady Arrested, News Media fails again

I looked over the accounts of the arrest and found this article at the Globe and Mail

Barenaked Ladies singer facing drug charges in New York state

Captain Bill Bleyle of the Manlius Police Department said yesterday that Mr. Page was arrested Friday along with two women in Fayetteville, N.Y., after officers observed a “suspicious” vehicle parked outside an apartment just after 2 a.m. When the two officers investigated, they found Mr. Page and Stephanie Ford of Fayetteville seated at the kitchen table, Capt. Bleyle said.

“Things seemed out of sorts,” the officer said. “And [police] determined that on the table they had what appeared to be powdered cocaine,” a fact, the police said, they later confirmed with a field test.

Note the lack of details about knocking on the door, making themselves known?  No notes about, “an obviously innebriated or under the influence person answering the door” anywhere in the account.  It’s almost like the police decided to just wander into his house to look for drugs on the basis that there was a shady looking car outside.  Man, I’m sorry if my car is shady looking officer, but doesn’t give you the right to just wander in.  This HAS to fail to meet the reasonable suspicion requirement of the 4th, right?

Then the following paragraph appears in the article:

Mr. Page, who has previously battled depression, has also been involved with several political movements, perhaps most notably as a vocal supporter of the federal New Democratic Party and as a board member of World Wildlife Fund Canada. In 2005, the Barenaked Ladies also wrote the musical score for the Stratford Festival production of As You Like It.

I can’t decide if the writer is trying to draw a line between supporting the NDP and doing Cocaine.  It seems like they are, but maybe they are saying that there is a connection between hard drugs and Shakespeare?

Here is a slightly different account:

Bleyle said the arrest occurred at about 2 a.m. Friday after patrolling police noticed a suspicious car with its driver’s side door left open and found a man and woman in a nearby apartment with a white capsule in front of them. Bleyle said the pair were later found to be in possession of cocaine.

Again it’s the National Post that fills in the details that make the whole thing less shady (in terms of what the Police did):

“As [the officers] approached the apartment they saw people in the window sitting at a table and it looked like they were engaged in something. There was a white capsule and a white powdery substance that later tested positive for cocaine.” said Capt. Bill Bleyle with the Manlius Police Department in New York State.

See?  Details that clarify WHY it was suspicious and a legitimate reason for them to enter the apartment, they observed possible criminal behavior through the window.  It SEEMS legit, based upon this account.

Well, Mr. Page.  The Ball is in your court, if you were snorting the Marching Powder, I’d plead out and do some time in Rehab if I were you.  If you weren’t or the account by the police is false, fight it ’till your last eight-ball.