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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-30

  • UUUUrrrrhhhhhhh Morning Zombieeee #
  • Internet engines, Amuse and annoy me! #
  • Didn’t notice this before: #
  • “ALT+ENTER” the best shortcut (for firefox) I have learned since “CTRL+T” and “Win+L” on windows #
  • When am I going to see my paycheque!?!?!? LoL #
  • Link to the Canadian Do Not Call List: #
  • Finally! Now to pay some bills… #
  • @stephthegeek “Alt+D” Nice, I didn;t know that one… Maybe I can abandon the Mouse altogether… #
  • @cheyennejack It’s the price of being a vanguard; history teaches us that the humble avoid webs in the face (pies too) #
  • It’s getting late Shack. See you in the morning. #
  • If being a POW gives you superior knowledge of War then Lifers are superior lawyers, right? #

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