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Day: October 24, 2008

What went down for 2008-10-24


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Flurries? Flurries? Damn you Earth!
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If you’re a wordpress user and you have not upgraded to 2.6.3, it’s time.
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Did someone just burst into tears over there? Investigating.
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No one crying… oh well. Someone is wearing some nice smelling Perfume around here, but seriously I’m 30 feet from anyone, that’s 2 much!
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I’ve been wondering what the title of this flick was for years:
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New blog post: Bathgate 2.0
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New blog post: I honor of Hallowe’en (samhuinn) New Plots for Dracula
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In case you are interested, here is how you make home made butter, one pint of whipping cream + 20min long beating with mixer = Butter
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Maybe Watching Akira tonight…
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Did anyone notice that the AP story changed to say “Backwards B”?
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The Original Story: A woman robbed at knifepoint at… carved a “B” in her face after noticing a John McCain sticker on her car.
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@Ultramegakungfu I’m just noting that AP changed the details to match the lie… odd.
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mmmm What am I going to do for Supper?
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MF:Tomorrow Bush is going to give a press conference with “jihad” scratched backwards on his forehead.
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@RevNathan It acutally hasn’t struck here yet, I’m hoping My horrified waving and screaming is keepig it away. I’m further south than you..
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London: 43 degrees north | Eugene: 44 degrees north.
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8 years Later: Whassssuuuuup?

I honor of Hallowe'en (samhuinn) New Plots for Dracula

AgDamage Vlad has seen Better Days.  The whole Vampire mythos is about as stale as a series of Animated Bloodthirsty Corpses can be.  Vampires have been KungFu Artists, Cowboys, Criminals and Oversexed Kittens.

Francis Ford Coppolla gave us Dracula’s story as a timeless Love Story, a Romeo and Juliet between a fallen Holy Soldier and his lost Wife.

Vampires have even been a sexy alien menace.

It’s time for a new Dracula, abandoning everything that has gone one before.  A Vampire in a world that has no concept of it.  Imagine a teenage girl, finding that she has died in a freak accident on Church Grounds, finding herself in a coffin.  Forced to dig her way out she’s lost and disoriented, it’s been weeks since she died.  She’s ravenous, she drains a family dog, then vomits the blood.  It’s not animal blood she needs.

While the Vampire priest has been done (to death) the Vampire Postal Clerk hasn’t.  A Documentary style Horror/Comedy about a secretive man who is charged with being a pedophile and is instead found to be a vampire, touching off a worldwide hunt for the Vampires.

Dracula was never a Vampire.  He was always just a human pretender, but was clever enough to fool whole swathes of humanity.  When his secret is close to discovery, he seeks out a real vampire, a monster too terrifying to be real, unleashing a massive wave of “true” vampire bats that go on to infect a massive swath of the population of Europe.  Dracula is then forced to battle the Vampires he was pretending to be.

Bathgate 2.0

Cafe in Bathgate, Scotland by Sarchi

This is the “Main Street” leading up “the hill” into the proper Downtown or Precinct of Bathgate (West Lothian, Scotland).  The White Building at the end there is (perhaps former) Masonic Lodge Bar.  The “Kurry King” wasn’t there the last time I was in Bathgate (I think Thomas Cook was) and of course, There are three Internet related stores right there.  Crazy.  When I was last in the UK, the only PC I had access to had an amber screen and these odd “solid state” disks that had motors in them.

That was over 15 years ago now.


I think I should start saving for a trip; if only so that my Daughter can see Scotland before she’s too old to see it like a Kid.