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Day: October 14, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14

  • Voting this evening, Not For the Liberals (Local Candidate Blew me Off) Not for the Tories (Why would I) Not for Christian Heritage…. #
  • My ID card is borked… need to get i fixed this AM #
  • I’ll never understand opinion pieces with no byline #
  • I quadrupled the storage on my Compact Camera. 4 times the random pictures. Now I just need a life. LoL #
  • CPRI called my desk number 8 times over the weekend, what’s up with that? They didn’t even leave a message. #
  • Oh, uh, Don’t forget to Vote, it’s your country. #
  • Trying to write a long-form criticism of Political Schisms and coming up empty, might just write a critical piece…. #
  • @Ultramegakungfu One of the Canadian papers that I’ve lauded for it’s fact-based work and it’s opinion bits are anonymous too. Strange. in reply to Ultramegakungfu #
  • It’s hell waiting for important feedback. #
  • BTW, Crossed is a great comic if you are into either “Survivor” Fiction or “Zombie” fiction, avoid please if you are a Care Bears Fan #
  • @RevNathan On that I don’t disagree, that scene with “Look at what you did!” at the end unnerved me. Did you read my review? in reply to RevNathan #
  • For Americans worried about ID requirements for voting, check this out: (I can’t vote) #
  • I take that back, I CAN vote, phew. #
  • Don’t take my word for it; Check out #20 #
  • @RevNathan NEEEEEEERRRRRRRRD! in reply to RevNathan #
  • It’s fall, there are leaves and stuff everywhere now, what is the best looking park in the London area for photos? #
  • Oh, I watched “No Heroics” TimeBomb was the only sensible character on the show. I actually cringed through a great deal of it, not 4 kids #
  • Turkey soup for dinner, maybe with grilled cheese? #
  • Cooking the Soup via Remote; Jen is adding stuff to it as I call and think of new stuff to add it it. #
  • I really do believe that some people don’t recognize that divine-right = feudalism :. != Freedom. #
  • I’ll say it again, if some corporate entity wants to pay me for the crazy stuff I write online, I’m always game to sell out for a price. #
  • Awwww CRAP! #
  • Conservatives = Lip Service to your Deeply Held Beliefs | Liberals = Who cares what your beliefs are, take ours or nothin’! |Take your pick! #
  • I wonder how my soup is doing? Does it need more pepper? #
  • Office People; It’s Practically Wednesday already. Don’t forget to vote! #
  • The cooking smells here at the plant make me insanely hungry. #
  • I voted, my wife was disenfranchised, this time #LdnVotes08 #
  • @happyguy There are a few Tories in here, really. in reply to happyguy #

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Review: Step Brothers

Step Brothers

John C. Reily and Will Ferrell play the Man-Boy roles they may have been waiting their entire careers for as two spoiled and pampered manchildren of Single parents, they are faced with losing their status as the sole focus of their respective parent’s attention and fend for themselves.

An uneven and sometimes hilarious comedy. That is the single best thing one can say about this movie. Both Actors do exactly what you expect of them and 60% of the good laughs are in the trailer. I actually stopped watching the movie at points; cringing at the craven way the two men behaved. There are some notably funny moments, but the package as a whole is flawed. I’d recommend watching this as a rental or borrow it from your friend who buys all of Will Ferrell’s movies without question.

My rating: 2.5 stars

Criticism aside, there is one scene in the movie that literally brought me to coughing racks of tears, I was laughing so hard. Imagine the massive fight between Neo and Agent Smith but 100 times more brutal and with school-aged children in the role of the massive crowd. Now imagine Will Ferrel swinging a small child as a weapon.

That one scene almost redeemed this movie to a solid 4.0. almost.

Our Immense Turkey

Over this past weekend, my family and I celebrated our Second Thanksgiving since returning from the USA.  If one was to ask me what my preferred Thanksgiving is, I’d pick the US version, it comes later in the year and kicks off the Christmas Season (well, it used to) at the right time.  Snow is falling and fall is dissolving into Winter.

Thanksgiving in Canada is a practical and parochial affair, marking the end (or is it the middle) of the Harvest. Coming before the snow even starts to fall (it’s going to be in the 70s today and I was sweating out in the muggy morning today if ever there was an upside to Global Climate Problems it’s muggy Octobers), Canadian Thanksgiving is a celebration of the agricultural largesse of the country and the bounties that it provides.  Rather than a celebration of gorged appetites and pre-Christmas shopping.  No Black Friday here, you see.

Despite my preference for the American version, I dutifully invited my In-Laws over to the townhouse for a meal (My Sister in Law declined, in order to work) and we bought what we thought would be a decent sized, but still quite small Turkey.  In the end our 27 dollar monster turned out to be far more than we could easily handle and provided us with the raw materials for at least a weeks worth of meals if we played our cards right.

Two legs for soup, dark meat too.  Two immense halves of the breast for sandwiches and just sliced for meals.  The remaining bulk turned into curry and soup meat.  The Bones were boiled overnight to make a nice stock, along with the carcass of a Chicken cooked on Saturday.  The remaining greasy bits were disposed of, I hate to do that and wished for a bigger stock pot to boil the remaning “meat” out of them.  It would need to be strained, but I could have had three big soup pots out of the remaining bits alone, I’m sure.

We’re trying to wring all we can from our nearly 30-Dollar Turkey, but it’s just so much.  I’m tempted to return to our old rule of buying the more expensive (but utilitarian) Breast Only Turkey.  Which I’m sure makes the whole waste matter all the worse, but at least I don’t throw out the bits and pieces on my own, you know?

Are Turkey bits good for Composting?  Should I compost meats?  I don’t know, I should look into that.

However, this is not really about the Turkey that sits in my Fridge and soup pot today.  I’m actually looking at a much bigger Turkey today.

Canada prospered for a while in the hands of the Tories, but even my cursory and shallow understanding of the position of the Canadian Dollar and it’s buying power has revealed that the “prosperous” Canadian economy is really only so when the Petrodollar is valuable.  Which is what the Harper Government has led us into.  The whole value of the Canadian Dollar is tied to the price of Oil, and as that price slides, so too do the prospects of Canadians in terms of buying power and position on World Markets.  Canada lives and dies on it’s raw materials exports and the Harper Government has, for the most part let this slide in deference to the Thanksgiving Banquets to the south.  Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t for another month and a bit in the US and it looks like this might be the leanest in years.  Instead of gorging on our Resources, it may be that they are sipping them from a thousand cuts and another Harper government may allow the cheap death of Canada to continue.  Our National Turkey indeed.