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Day: October 15, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-15

  • @happyguy London. in reply to happyguy #
  • Someone, please, bring me socks and my shirt! #
  • #LdnVotes08 Fanshawe | Voter turnout: 41,044 of 74,202 registered electors (55.3%) #
  • Teddybears, The Killers, Metallica Covers, Kerrang magazine mix and Robyn on the playlist this AM #
  • This comment spam “OMG <game name> was the BEST ever! <some privacy thing> ” has got to stop, it’s beyond the joke #
  • Billy Talent sounds like Pop Bobnoxious #
  • @RevNathan Which one? in reply to RevNathan #
  • It’s getting close to “iTunes Genre Cleanup Time” #
  • I suspect someone is going to get their Milkshake Drunk #
  • I need to buy egss, bread and milk (maybe some half & half) and soda. What else? Salami, Rolls… I think that’s it. #
  • My new Compact Camera is “the Dead” I’ll send it to canon for “the fixing” #
  • @katiewest I think the low turnout has more to do with the “Shit Choices” more than anything else. in reply to katiewest #
  • Biden fights for banks and media firms, not the little guy #
  • @crazywater And you know different, because you WEREN’T at Harvard with him (you know, when he was the President of a student org)? in reply to crazywater #
  • @seveneight If you live in an outhouse and someone farts. in reply to seveneight #

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Voter ID "Laws" Disenfranchised my Wife Part 2

Posted by damorris on 10/15/08 at 2:36PM

For all of you who support the efforts of ACORN, Obama and all of their minions (can you say SOS Jennifer Brunner), remember the right to vote is supposed to be something sacred.

Why would anyone with common sense think it is wrong or otherwise an infringement of someones right to verify the registraiton? Because it might unmask them for the frauds that they are.

Men and women have died to give us the right to vote. It isn’t something to just pass out like candy at Halloween. Although the election is starting to look a lot like tricks and treats.

Tricks by the left, with treats for everyone (e.g. healthcare, no new taxes except for the ‘rich people’). All in the name of electing Obama.

God help us all.

My wife could not vote yesterday because she could not produce mail with her name and address on it.  Which means if I went home, printed up a fake letter with her name and address on it, then she could have voted.  How does that make sense?  She had ID proving that she is  citizen and enough federal paperwork to prove she is in good standing, but nothing with her address.  So she couldn’t vote.

Tell me again how Voter ID rules aren’t there to disenfranchise people.

How Voter ID Requirements Disenfranchised my Wife

I’ve lived in London for about 8 months now, I contacted the Federal Government and Service Canada to make sure my address was up to date so that I would show on the Voter Rolls for my local riding (to ensure that I could vote, ya know).  As it turns out, calling and having certified information on hand and then confirming using a special code sent to me registered mail is not enough to update computer records to show my correct address (which is why I used to leave my “Government Address” at my ‘rents house, as it was easier than Navigating the Federal Beauraucracy).  All of that said, I was assured that I could vote as long as I brought along ID confirming I lived in the Riding.

Of course, since my wife doesn’t get mail at the house, she is a non-person in this riding.

So she missed out on her first ever visit to the Polls.

It was painless for me to get going, but I couldn’t affirm my own wife’s address, and since we don’t really know anyone in the Riding.


It sucks.

The lesson here is to make sure that you get mail at home, even if you don’t pay the bills and ensure that you are a person who can vote in Canada.

Oh, yeah, and you need Picture ID with your address on it or accompanying something with your address on it to vote.  Picture ID.

You know, the kind that people rail against in the States, you know what ID works in Ontario though?  Your Government Health Card, that gets you free Health care.

It’s good how that works out, free health care and the right to vote all in one.

Short Story: Lights Out Part 1

Life in a high rise office is alright; at least most of the time.  You sometimes have to deal with recycled air or “sick building” syndrome, but you get great views from the windows and the feeling that you are above it all, down there on the ground.  Some buildings even have mezzanine levels that extend from the building with gardens or cafe’s that let you get outside and look right down on the city below.   The only time a high rise is a real pain is when the power goes out.

Which happens now.


Shit! Janice thought, mid sentence in an email to her never-far-enough-away college buddy Burgess, a boy who never grew up and a townie from Moorehead.  Burgess was having some kind of family crisis out there in Moorehead and had wanted Janice to come out and help him deal.  Janice was mid “No fucking way…” when the lights had dimmed then flashed off, along with her monitor.

She stood up and watched the Prairie-Dog city that was the cube farm stand up together and look around, the murmers that never seemed to cease had paused and everyone looked at each other for some kind of idea what happened.  The emergency lights clicked on and some people started to walk for the stairs.  Janice started to pack up her stuff and join them when a voice came over the PA

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Security Chief Mike Pendegrass, please remain in your offices and keep the stairs clear at this time.  I repeat please keep the stairs clear at this time”  the PA hissed, beeped and went silent.

“Aww, what the hell!?” Frank James on Janice’s Left collapsed back into his chair, his dangerous weight nearly collapsing it.  He unplugged his laptop and fired it up, intent on continuing his work.

Janice sat back down. but finished packing up her stuff and then rolled her chair over to the window, where there was enough light to read by.  She took out a collection of short stories she had been carting around with her and began to read, waiting for the power to come back on or for the all-clear to leave.

Around the office, people either returned to what work they could or began to mill around in groups, gossiping or making guesses about what was going on.  Janice tried to concentrate on her book, the story she was reading was about a bunch of guys in an office dealing with some sort of miniature priest outbreak, but she couldn’t get into it.  She leaned her head against the floor to cieling window and looked down into the streets.  Her phone lit up and vibrated at her hip.

“Janice, are you okay?” it was Burgess.

“What do you mean Burg’?  Yeah, I’m cool”  Janice noticed alot of people getting calls, all of them some variation of “I’m Okay” or “What? What do you mean Bombing?”

Janice stood up and pushed her chair to her desk and walked out to the cafe at the end of the office, to get a better view of the streets.

“Janice, Jan.  A bomb went off in Saint Paul, it’s gone, blown up!” Burgess was frantic.

“Burg’ I’m in the office right now looking down at the street, there’s nothing going on down there, all the lights are out, but I can see cars and some lights out there.  It’s just some sort of power out or some…”

Janice looked out at the sky, it had twin Suns set in a sickly green-blue.

“Burgess, I’m gonna have to call you back”