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Day: October 25, 2008

What went down for 2008-10-25


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@RevNathan Goddess of Discord and Chaos, You insane literate fools

Weekly Roundup from 2008-10-25

  • Go HERE, SEE THIS: Terry Tate Returns #
  • Also This: #
  • If you are not familiar with Terry Tate’s Work as an Office Linebacker: #
  • I shouldn’t be this tired…. #
  • Good Morning Power Cut, did you enjoy shutting down all the machines in the office? Did you? #
  • Crawling on my Knees… This dirt it will not Clear…. #
  • It’s not like there is a World Champion Asshole Contest – But these guys take the Gold either way: DIAF! #
  • Waiting for Contact. #
  • If something is “just a game” why is it so time consuming? #
  • I hope that my clothes are folded like I was promised. #
  • I won’t laugh if you try to defend laissez faire capitalism by pointing at the profits of car insurance companies, but I might giggle. #
  • Hmmm, the power-supply on my desk started to, umm, fizzz and squeak. Unplugged #
  • Heading to the A&P Want anything while I’m there? #
  • Good Morning. Did you Sleep Well? #
  • Is Obama “The Smiler”? #
  • I installed “Air” at home, I should try out tweetdeck… also, I am not on my way to a career in visual effects… I suck at it thus far. #
  • My is going to look strange for today, “Stronger” and “Can’t Tell me Nothin'” over and over and over today…. Kanye West FTW #
  • MeFi: In heaven there is no beer
    That’s why we drink it here
    And when we’re gone from here
    All our friends will be drinking all the beer. #
  • Getting kinda Down. Need something to lighten the mood. What Pop Music do I have here? #
  • Today is AntiPiracy Day…. What are you doing to Defeat the Pirate Scourge? #
  • Second life Gor People: Learn to spell; these chat logs are laughable excoriations of public education. #
  • I had to look up a word in my last tweet, I used a dictionary. Second Life People take note. #
  • You know what; the fact that no one in the McCain camp is trying to defend Mike Lunsford makes me feel good about them for a bit. #
  • Do these people even realize that it was a conservative supreme court that held up eminent domain? Who’s the Socialist now? #
  • If Prison is the punishment, why do people cheer for “them gettin’ theirs” in Prison? Why not just use corporal punishment and be done? #
  • Nathan et al, what comics are good this week? Is Walking Dead 54 out this week? Where is my next Invincible? #
  • OK, even though I don’t have a dog in the fight, I think I want to avoid the politics on November 4th. Suggestions? #
  • David Ben-Ariel Responds #
  • AGH, It’s SNOWING !!!!! (somewhere in Ontario) #
  • Good Morning Twitter, I see Frost. Not the cool BBC Detective kind either. #
  • Back @ the office, coffee in hand. #
  • John McCain spent $8,672.55 on make-up [for himself] in September. I didn’t spend that much on my car. #
  • John McCain spent $8,672.55 on make-up [for himself] in September. That’s Rent for just over 8 months for me. #
  • If you can vote early, vote today, okay? #
  • The long form drama queen courtship of SL Gor players is sickening and amusing. It’s the misspelled love story of Misogyny and Misanthropy. #
  • The McCain campaign spent $49,425.74 in one store in Early September to outfit their pet Pit bull. That’s a lot of Lipstick. #
  • I think I’ve had more spam at my blog now than actual visitors…. that kinda sucks #
  • Gotta Make a Shopping list, tight budget this pay period. (I do live paycheck to paycheck) #
  • WTF Broccoli #
  • Time to go through good money after bad… cheers. #
  • I have an Ogre Slaying Knife: #
  • JM:The use of campaign funds for … strictly personal reasons, … erodes public confidence and erodes it significantly | 1993 #
  • It has +10 for slaying Ogres: #
  • New Label Cartridge today! It Prints White on Black with Larger Letters. How Exciting! #
  • In case you missed it, I de-linked all the posts to David Ben-Ariel’s website, save the “big” link to his Blog listings. He got his traffic. #
  • Crossed is going to be 10 Issues long. It might be the most violent Comic (outside of Japanese Ones) I’ve ever seen. #
  • 5,555 spam…. Hmmm. #
  • Somebody from my old Workplace ask Chris Smith how he is voting this time round, I *HAVE* to know. #
  • Nm, I’ll ask him myself. #
  • Must Keep and Eye on this: #
  • After Work plans; Fill up on Gas, Obtain Cheese Cloth or Fine Strainer, Obtain “good” fresh bread, Make Home Made Butter. enjoy #
  • Are my emails reaching their intended destination? #
  • It’s the end for me… the work day is over again. Good evening; I may tweet later. #
  • My hands smell of Fresh Butter #
  • Magical 6″4 man avoids bank Cameras via unknown technology. It’s in the news, so you have to believe it #
  • Flurries? Flurries? Damn you Earth! #
  • If you’re a wordpress user and you have not upgraded to 2.6.3, it’s time. #
  • Did someone just burst into tears over there? Investigating. #
  • No one crying… oh well. Someone is wearing some nice smelling Perfume around here, but seriously I’m 30 feet from anyone, that’s 2 much! #
  • I’ve been wondering what the title of this flick was for years: #
  • In case you are interested, here is how you make home made butter, one pint of whipping cream + 20min long beating with mixer = Butter #
  • Maybe Watching Akira tonight… #
  • Magical Camera Avoiding Man Exonerated: #
  • Did anyone notice that the AP story changed to say “Backwards B”? #
  • The Original Story: A woman robbed at knifepoint at… carved a “B” in her face after noticing a John McCain sticker on her car. #
  • mmmm What am I going to do for Supper? #
  • MF:Tomorrow Bush is going to give a press conference with “jihad” scratched backwards on his forehead. #
  • London: 43 degrees north | Eugene: 44 degrees north. #
  • 8 years Later: Whassssuuuuup? #

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