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How Voter ID Requirements Disenfranchised my Wife

I’ve lived in London for about 8 months now, I contacted the Federal Government and Service Canada to make sure my address was up to date so that I would show on the Voter Rolls for my local riding (to ensure that I could vote, ya know).  As it turns out, calling and having certified information on hand and then confirming using a special code sent to me registered mail is not enough to update computer records to show my correct address (which is why I used to leave my “Government Address” at my ‘rents house, as it was easier than Navigating the Federal Beauraucracy).  All of that said, I was assured that I could vote as long as I brought along ID confirming I lived in the Riding.

Of course, since my wife doesn’t get mail at the house, she is a non-person in this riding.

So she missed out on her first ever visit to the Polls.

It was painless for me to get going, but I couldn’t affirm my own wife’s address, and since we don’t really know anyone in the Riding.


It sucks.

The lesson here is to make sure that you get mail at home, even if you don’t pay the bills and ensure that you are a person who can vote in Canada.

Oh, yeah, and you need Picture ID with your address on it or accompanying something with your address on it to vote.  Picture ID.

You know, the kind that people rail against in the States, you know what ID works in Ontario though?  Your Government Health Card, that gets you free Health care.

It’s good how that works out, free health care and the right to vote all in one.

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