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To Draw it down to Numbers

An American Carol Week Number One (1,639 Screens):

$3,656,000 1,639 $2,231 $3,656,000

Sicko Week Number One (441 Screens):

$4,501,712 441 $10,208 $4,616,786

There has been alot of noise about “Real Americans” and “Real America” these past couple of days.  The McCain campaign makes much of the fact that their supports represent the silent majority or the moral majority of the Country.  The Down-home Salt of the earth that make up the real body of the electorate.  The Authoritarian Right would have you believe that Liberals make up a tiny black-hearted exceptional bump in the world, and that the Rock-Ribbed Conservatives are in the Majority (while simlutaneously telling us about how they are persecuted).

These discussions are sometimes referred to as culture wars, expressed in purchasing patterns and behaviors.  I can think of no better illustration of how North American people are really split than their viewing habits.  They have to pay to see these films, they sometimes have to drive over some distance to go there, more than television, movie habits reflect the will and tastes of the affluent west and these numbers don’t lie.

People in the Western World ARE Liberals.  They are Liberals by choice and in vast numbers, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are deluded and foolish.  Now if only they could vote that way too.

Oh, and in case you don’t know, An American Carol lasted two weeks in Theatres and Sicko, 13.

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