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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-02

  • I had to turn on the heater last night; for your records that is October 1, 2008; It’s set to 65 overnight and 70 in the AM for a bit #
  • @chris_johnson New West to the Coalition States? Why not traverse a Rift? (This random tweet brought to you by Palladium Games) in reply to chris_johnson #
  • Search for “Oh say can you rock” on google… #
  • @Avatarpress It did it here too, Summer will be back next week for a return tour I bet. in reply to Avatarpress #
  • Busy setting up laptops today #
  • @happyguy The King’s Diner? in reply to happyguy #
  • @happyguy That’s east of Richmond, sorry, near Galleria, but it is the best in reply to happyguy #
  • @HybridZero I’d suggested the Kings Diner near Galleria, but it’s just east of Richmond. in reply to HybridZero #
  • @brianshaler I usually stuff it under my chair. in reply to brianshaler #
  • I have to leave the building, on the clock and venture out to get AAA batteries. May go to Walmart to do it. #
  • @HybridZero You’re very welcome. If you get the chance, try their Chicken Salad Sandwich, it’s great. in reply to HybridZero #
  • The Batmobile hiccuped and died on the road today. It may not be long for this world #
  • I just gave myself a mild case of electrocution #
  • I should work on a video tonight… something. #
  • @joeljohnson Smokers tend to litter anyway, biodegradable plant seed smokes might be awesome. Patent it, do it now, now now now. in reply to joeljohnson #
  • @DVDQuotes No one watched House Party 2, not even Camron from the Young Black Teenagers, and he was in it. in reply to DVDQuotes #
  • Chicken Dinner tonight, any suggestions? #
  • oh, wait, curry. I’ll make curry #
  • @Ultramegakungfu I think those are halloween costumes in reply to Ultramegakungfu #
  • Laughing so hard that I’m crying at “Shoot the Messenger” #

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