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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-03

  • It’s quite cold out. Not cold enough for an undershirt, but it’s heading into that neighborhood #
  • Last night the two garbage bags outside my house reproduced and produced a third bag. I wish I had seen whomever dropped it there. #
  • @alternaloser They left evidence of malfeasance, they tore my other bags and left bits and pieces all over my lawn. in reply to alternaloser #
  • Maybe I should have shaved, I feel kinda out of it, I had about 4 hours sleep last night then Jen woke me up coming to bed at 3 am. #
  • I’m guess he didn’t know the Xmas eve rule: #
  • @alternaloser What, Bush wasn’t? in reply to alternaloser #
  • Someone sneak over to Damon’s Desk and right “Psilons Paid me to Write this” on his board, pics or it didn’t happen #
  • @RevNathan were you “The Rev” or were you some established character? in reply to RevNathan #
  • @definetheline My mind works best in the shower. That’s when all the gears turn correctly and the neurons fire right. in reply to definetheline #
  • Your Sample is too small: “The married and unmarried focus groups of 10” #
  • I ended up not feeling like getting wet last night…maybe we’ll go out and shoot tonight if we don’t end up driving to Kincardine #
  • The laptop build I’m working on went Pop, trying again… #
  • hmmm, can’t get to the phone at home… phone is off the hook #
  • @happyguy Re: The Gaming Conference, maybe if I have the cash l8ter on. in reply to happyguy #
  • I was going to comment on a blog, but realized that I’m not sure that my NDA is up. Is it up? I don’t know. #
  • @happyguy I was complimented on my work emails recently, “English Major?” “10 years of emails and statements for a corp. web site” “Gotcha” in reply to happyguy #
  • That’s it, I think I am gonna vote, something. I asked for a copyright pledge from the locals in my riding, stay tuned! #

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