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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-06

  • I can’t type in a cogent fashion this morning. Can someone please translate my thoughts into text for me? #
  • Any negative association is going to be considered REAL by the opposite team. You gotta work it then break it down flip it an reverse it. #
  • See you soon #
  • Listening to Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls. It’s a bit early for nihilist music. Hmm, switching to Kylie Minogue. #
  • Pop music is much better for “first thing, Monday morning’, tapping my toes. #
  • Actually Surfin Bird, not Surfing Bird has been the number one Search term on Google all Morning. Go Seth McFarlane. #
  • @happyguy Hmmm, Irfanview? in reply to happyguy #
  • Something I can never have is still *too* sad in the morning – skipped to “The Frogs” #
  • Birth record from the hospital Trig Palin was born, what’s missing? #
  • Andrew Sullivan pointed out the whole Birth Record thing, credit where it’s due: #
  • Want to go snag some food. Waiting for email response from user. Will wait until 1pm #
  • Didn’t go for food, performed a service call instead #
  • @AlmightyGod Hey God, Did you see this? Any Comments? in reply to almightygod #
  • @almightygod Works fer me, kick a machine cherub then click this: in reply to almightygod #
  • Excited, I have a present at home… I wonder what it’ll be? #
  • This man milks a full-grown Dexter cow #

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