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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14

  • Voting this evening, Not For the Liberals (Local Candidate Blew me Off) Not for the Tories (Why would I) Not for Christian Heritage…. #
  • My ID card is borked… need to get i fixed this AM #
  • I’ll never understand opinion pieces with no byline #
  • I quadrupled the storage on my Compact Camera. 4 times the random pictures. Now I just need a life. LoL #
  • CPRI called my desk number 8 times over the weekend, what’s up with that? They didn’t even leave a message. #
  • Oh, uh, Don’t forget to Vote, it’s your country. #
  • Trying to write a long-form criticism of Political Schisms and coming up empty, might just write a critical piece…. #
  • @Ultramegakungfu One of the Canadian papers that I’ve lauded for it’s fact-based work and it’s opinion bits are anonymous too. Strange. in reply to Ultramegakungfu #
  • It’s hell waiting for important feedback. #
  • BTW, Crossed is a great comic if you are into either “Survivor” Fiction or “Zombie” fiction, avoid please if you are a Care Bears Fan #
  • @RevNathan On that I don’t disagree, that scene with “Look at what you did!” at the end unnerved me. Did you read my review? in reply to RevNathan #
  • For Americans worried about ID requirements for voting, check this out: (I can’t vote) #
  • I take that back, I CAN vote, phew. #
  • Don’t take my word for it; Check out #20 #
  • @RevNathan NEEEEEEERRRRRRRRD! in reply to RevNathan #
  • It’s fall, there are leaves and stuff everywhere now, what is the best looking park in the London area for photos? #
  • Oh, I watched “No Heroics” TimeBomb was the only sensible character on the show. I actually cringed through a great deal of it, not 4 kids #
  • Turkey soup for dinner, maybe with grilled cheese? #
  • Cooking the Soup via Remote; Jen is adding stuff to it as I call and think of new stuff to add it it. #
  • I really do believe that some people don’t recognize that divine-right = feudalism :. != Freedom. #
  • I’ll say it again, if some corporate entity wants to pay me for the crazy stuff I write online, I’m always game to sell out for a price. #
  • Awwww CRAP! #
  • Conservatives = Lip Service to your Deeply Held Beliefs | Liberals = Who cares what your beliefs are, take ours or nothin’! |Take your pick! #
  • I wonder how my soup is doing? Does it need more pepper? #
  • Office People; It’s Practically Wednesday already. Don’t forget to vote! #
  • The cooking smells here at the plant make me insanely hungry. #
  • I voted, my wife was disenfranchised, this time #LdnVotes08 #
  • @happyguy There are a few Tories in here, really. in reply to happyguy #

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