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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-15

  • @happyguy London. in reply to happyguy #
  • Someone, please, bring me socks and my shirt! #
  • #LdnVotes08 Fanshawe | Voter turnout: 41,044 of 74,202 registered electors (55.3%) #
  • Teddybears, The Killers, Metallica Covers, Kerrang magazine mix and Robyn on the playlist this AM #
  • This comment spam “OMG <game name> was the BEST ever! <some privacy thing> ” has got to stop, it’s beyond the joke #
  • Billy Talent sounds like Pop Bobnoxious #
  • @RevNathan Which one? in reply to RevNathan #
  • It’s getting close to “iTunes Genre Cleanup Time” #
  • I suspect someone is going to get their Milkshake Drunk #
  • I need to buy egss, bread and milk (maybe some half & half) and soda. What else? Salami, Rolls… I think that’s it. #
  • My new Compact Camera is “the Dead” I’ll send it to canon for “the fixing” #
  • @katiewest I think the low turnout has more to do with the “Shit Choices” more than anything else. in reply to katiewest #
  • Biden fights for banks and media firms, not the little guy #
  • @crazywater And you know different, because you WEREN’T at Harvard with him (you know, when he was the President of a student org)? in reply to crazywater #
  • @seveneight If you live in an outhouse and someone farts. in reply to seveneight #

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