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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-16

  • Oh God, It’s Late, Gotta head to bed. #
  • Anyone notice how little we’ve seen of Robert Novak since he nearly killed that guy? #
  • OMG, was that a cat on a con call? #
  • @somerled Brunch AND Meetings all day? Sweet! in reply to somerled #
  • Australia, are you leading the way into China? #
  • Radiohead might not be great for the start of the day; but the DHCP crisis is over and I’ve already closed a ticket today. Check Plus! #
  • What is smilling? Oh, Smiling! Jen’s friends can’t spell at all. #
  • Inspired by xkcd wet guitar players #
  • OMG this Con Call is going off the rails with this crazy train. #
  • Oh yeah, I spent the Debates last night flaming people and blocking people on the live feed here on twitter. #
  • Looks like a Fun craft for Hallowe’en #
  • Digg: Go ahead America, choose the lesser of two weevils #
  • What!?!? “Potential for snow Tues” BASTARDS!!!! #
  • Shoot Idea, “Misery” based around the Stations of the Cross. Anyone wanna be Jesus? #
  • I gotta set one of these up! #
  • @markwilson12 Yes, Grandpa Simpson. Is that an onion on your belt? in reply to markwilson12 #
  • @DVDQuotes Poltergeist in reply to DVDQuotes #
  • @almightygod I think it already is sir, Pride and Sloth are both moral sins, which Willful Ignorance is an expression of. in reply to almightygod #
  • @AlmightyGod Also, MORTAL SINS TOO in reply to almightygod #
  • Misery… Misery… Misery… #
  • Listening to Time of the Season again… #

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