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Day: February 11, 2009

Who is "The Witness"?

Look who showed up in the latest episode of Fringe:

The Witness

Who is this guy?  He appears to be some sort of Time Traveller, hairless and damaged.  He shows up to witness things related to the Pattern, but he didn’t cause this.  He just witnessed it.

Fringe is intriguing without being maddening (like Lost)

Old Posts and Stolen Art


I’m not big on the DMCA and copyright claims in general; but I don’t like people making money off of me or my work without saying “Thanks to Kevin, here it is” unless of course I sign something that says they don’t have to attibute me for the work.  Students for Bhopal and the rest of you, you didn’t ask for permission to use “Dead Peasant Insurance” and I want credit for my work!