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Day: February 18, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-18

  • Werkin’ #
  • I have a metric ton of email to read through, see you in a bit. #
  • That’s a great deal of email down. Only a few more messages to go! #
  • Two Thousand Emails! Two Thousand! Yikes! Mostly gone now… Important mail archived, inbox clean! #
  • Setting up a laptop for friends. #
  • “..And that’s when the hornet stung me, and I had a feverish dream” I always think of a HS Crush when I hear this song, seriously. #
  • Too Much Tragically Hip. #
  • I wonder if I will make the time to finish this map… #
  • No. 5 Search term that is hitting the blog this week “canadian assholes” why? #

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