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Day: February 24, 2009

Water Damage in our Basement

Sometime this morning while I was still in bed and Jen was upstairs with me (we don’t go to bed until 3-4 AM on work nights) our downstairs toilet overflowed or backed up. This is the result:

Water Damage

This s the northwest corner of our basement, it looks better now as the water has stopped.  This part of the basement does no’t have dry wall.  Thank goodness.

Water Damage

The Water is cpoming down from a toilet that backed up / overflowed on our first floor.  It overflowed right into a heating vent.  DAMN!

Damn!  Mouse Crap Everywhere!

When I pulled down the drop cielings I found mouse crap and a nice bag of seeds/rodent food hidden up there!  How AWESOME!

Damn!  Mouse Crap Everywhere!

More Mouse Crap!  EXCELLENT!

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-24

  • Chicken Parmesan (no breading or cheese on the final product) for Supper, What’s your Dinner Looking like? #
  • Oh Geez, It’s freaking hot in this Office. Who turned on the damn Ceramics Furnace in here? #
  • Awesome! #
  • Please stop shopping at Circuit city: #
  • Werkin’ cleaned up some space issues, communicated displeasure with space hog. #
  • For later #
  • Cheers for now, back v soon #
  • Back for ages, why tweet it? #
  • Daemon McBain, you’re still a douche. #
  • Jen’s online SL “role playing” relationships may not be all about sex; but she’s on 14 hours a day! Someone Save me from SL Addiction! #
  • I have taken steps to deal with it, but I can’t make them permanent while she’s still addicted. #

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