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Day: February 23, 2009

You may be able to live well on food stamps

But don’t ask Ari Armstrong how to do it.

So you don’t have to read the whole thing, here are the only fact(like) things in this article:

I spent Feb. 4 through Feb. 10 eating a highly nutritious, low-carb diet for $33.07, or $4.72 per day, less than food stamps provide. For a month in 2007 my wife and I ate a higher-carb — but still nutritious — diet for $2.57 per day each.


My two most expensive purchases were a whole turkey at $7.77 and olive oil at $4.48. My produce included red leaf lettuce, onions, tomatoes, grapefruit and bananas. I actually prefer more carbs in my diet, so normally I’ll continue to eat modest amounts of grains, sugary fruits and occasionally even cane sugar.

Counting the only two purchase figures we are given: 7.77 and 4.48  Ari and his wife spent 12.25.  7.77 of that on a  turkey that was either ludicrously small (as turkey tends to price out at about 3 bucks a pound off season) or they simply lied.  I think that 4.48 for olive oil could be correct.  Seriously, 8 bucks for turkey.  The Cheapest turkey I saw at the thrifty bulk foods and serve yourself or else store today was 17 dollars.  I guess when you live in an actual city and don’t shop at your dad’s store, the prices can be different.

That is all that is there in the Article about living on food stamps.  The rest is a screed about how the Welfare state is theft.  Now you don’t have to read the rest.

Review: The Mighty (From DC, not the Awesome Movie)

Okay, I get it.  Alpha is the Killer
Okay, I get it. Alpha is the Killer

Sorry to throw that spoiler up front, but why bother?  Unless there is some kind of amazing twist, the superhero as killer story is kind of stupid (and already being played out in another Mainstream Continuity that I still hold is being used as some king of editoral reset button to be used when the stink of pointless crossovers get too out of control and run on sentences rule the world dontchaknow?)  So why bother?  The Art is good. Really good.  It’s going to be (at least) entertaining to read this (pile of) shit.

Somwhere in DC, an assistant editor is saying “Aw C’mon, not every reader is over 12.  There must be a bunch of under-twelves who can fall for this crap”  I have news for you; my 11 year old daughter saw JUST THIS PANEL and figured it out.  One Page of images gave it away.

Too Bad.