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Day: April 10, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-10

  • Crazy town tonight; finished an awesome script then servers started going bonkers #
  • I’m closer to my nutrition goals today, but I ate no “good” vegetables… I’ll snag a V8 in the AM #
  • Wait, I have a full salad sitting here for dinner. SMack. Could have had a V8 as well! #
  • Now I’m watching numbers roll by on the big monitor watching for CPU spikes as well as watch raw http activity and tomcat logs… jealous? #
  • Arg, I’m being killed by an out of bounds data error or input checking error, can’t tell!!! Hurts the same though #
  • Maybe it’s something else, the issue appears across multiple machines, but it’s such an obvious thing, it should have been seen… #
  • 10 hours and counting… long day for me… sorry. #
  • Happy Good Friday, to my American Friends, This is a Paid Stat Holiday here in Soviet Canuckistan, where Communists Hold Sway. #

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