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Day: April 15, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-15

  • Witnessed a near fracas at sally world, senior brawlers ftw #
  • London Friends: I wanna go see Crank 2 on Saturday in the Big Theatre up in the North End. Anyone going? #
  • #teaparty I bet if any of your “BROS” get out of control tomorrow, you’ll blame it on Provocateurs, right? LoL #
  • This is a #teaparty celebration: #
  • Nearly from Bathgate: | Get on ye, Susan! #
  • Also; I’m a big leftie, but I think NK needs a violent spanking. #
  • LoL @ Walkerton #
  • #teaparty Do you understand? #
  • Again, Crank 2 this weekend. Anyone going? #
  • Mr. Whedon, I liked Buffy, Angel, Space Cowboy thing, the Singing NPH vehicle and DollSPlat, now make something without hero girls, kthnxbi #

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