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Month: April 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-26

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Visual Evidence that you're wrong


I had the misfortune of reading “Miss Eva”s twitter feed:

@perez hilton stick to Hollywood gossip. Leave the morals of America alone. Miss America is entitled to her views.

Miss California is a strong woman. I’m glad we still have young people with morals and values.

Perez Hilton, should stick to what he is good at, hating on celebrities. He is a gay man with no moral values.

The Miss America judges should be brought to task.

I’m not fond of the “She’s got strong morals” crowd; because if you are familiar with what Miss C said she said she was “Bible Correct”  [SHE’S A BEAUTY QUEEN WEARING MAKEUP AND SHOWING OFF HER BOOBS].  Morals are such mercurial things, sigh.

So, the point of this post.

I went to “TeamRose” or “Miss Evas” blog and read about their Fast.  Their fast started in 2007 and it’s two years later and they have lost a total of 48 pounds.  Yup. They’re not cheating.

Morals Morals Morals Eva.

Not a Shining City on a Hill

Barely a burning corpse on a street these days:

No House at all
No House at all

Conclusion 8: Detainee abuse occurred during JPRA’s support to Special Mission Unit (SMU)
Task Force (TF) interrogation operations in Iraq in September 2003. JPRA Commander Colonel
Randy Moulton’s authorization ofSERE instructors, who had no experience in detainee
interrogations, to actively participate in Task Force interrogations using SERE resistance training
techniques was a serious failure in judgment. The Special Mission Unit Task Force
Commander’s failure to order that SERE resistance training techniques not be used in detainee
interrogations was a serious failure in leadership that led to the abuse ofdetainees in Task Force
custody. Iraq is a Geneva Convention theater and techniques used in SERE school are
inconsistent with the obligations of U.S. personnel under the Geneva Conventions.

Read it for yourself

Amazing Spider-Man 591: Unthinkable!

This is how the comic opens:



The Headless Spider-Man!

If you didn’t catch Issue 590; Spider-Man was given a blank checque, made out to Cash to join the FF on a journey to the “MacroVerse” in response to a summons from the (formerly) grass hut living primitives there.

Johnny got it up his nose to see what was under the mask of the mysterious Spider-Man and THIS is what he found.  Eeeeeww.

Without giving away too much, time is compressed while they are in the Macroverse and about 13 and 1/3 days go by (about two weeks, sheesh).  This is a nice way to move time forward in the Spidey-Verse so that things can go down.

Something goes down that makes Spider-Man react like this:

Oh, No!  Aunt May is Dating Dr. Octopus AGAIN!?!?!
Oh, No! Aunt May is Dating Dr. Octopus AGAIN!?!?!

Actually; no.  It’s not Aunt May.  It’s something much more horrifying to Spider-Man (even worse that Osborn as President!?!?!?) you’ll have to check out the issue to find out,  I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Why the oddly specific number? Why?

Two Quotes about Chrysler and GM that stick out:

“I know this is difficult,” Mr. Clement said. “I know this affects real workers in real towns and cities across Ontario.


CAW president Ken Lewenza has called Fiat’s proposal to cut labour costs at Chrysler Canada by $19 an hour an “unreasonable” demand and has said it is “not going to happen,” arguing the CAW is competitive with unionized environments in the United States.

Why $19 and not a Percentage?  That’s a strange way of doing things.  It’s not like “cut them by 5%”; which would be the normal way to approach cuts.

Something stinks there.  Is there anyone inside of Fiat who can break their wall of silence and pass along the skinny on this?

Also; this again:

“I know this is difficult,” Mr. Clement said. “I know this affects real workers in real towns and cities across Ontario.

If there is something that can be said about Harper is that Canada lives between Alberta and Saskatchewan.  That’s it.  The rest of the landmass that we think of as Canada is “the Rest of it” and is dismissed very easily by the Snow-Texans of the West.

Some Interesting Reading on Tony Clement too (National Post)