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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-22

  • Up Since 5:22AM | Death Race Review from Cinematical: “Hurt them! Hurt them, bald man who talk cool!” #
  • This is so simple… UPDATE tablename SET tablefield = replace(tablefield,”findstring”,”replacestring”); #
  • John Cleese says “Mary Whitehouse has taken Umbrage—no surprise there.” #
  • Sweating… Humidity and actual labor sucks. #
  • When the vacuum formed, they should have poked another hole to relieve the vacuum and released the tongue #
  • @KVL I had to dissect a 3 GIG packed capture in memory once…. #
  • It’s been a busy couple of days around here… #
  • The server move went fine, but something about the move messed with my blog, comment on posts that seem “broken” if you hit them. #
  • @RevNathan Does it have ammonia in it or something? #
  • “Obama might feel constrained by such irrelevancies as consistency and arithmetic” #
  • John McCain: Noun, Verb, P.O.W #

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