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US Politics are Sexy: How does John McCain like his coffee?

One would swear that just four years ago, America was engaged in the “laugh at the rich guy” game for about 6 months; but when faced with a NEW rich guy ex-soldier (who was such a poor soldier that he got shot down and caught rather than fighting his way out like the ‘laughable’ rich guy)  he can’t help but do well.

The insane thing is; he’s not even trying:  Look at how he reacts to being called out for being so wealthy that he has no idea how many homes/houses he  owns:

McCain, who huddled with advisers at his desert compound in Sedona, Ariz., said nothing in public. A nine-car motorcade took him to a nearby Starbucks early in the morning, where he ordered a large cappuccino. McCain otherwise avoided reporters.

Not, he retired to his campaign headquarters and ordered in some coffee.  Not, he retired to his home in Sedona and worked on a response.  He took nine cars to get one coffee.    That’s like using 9 gold bricks to kill one fly!  It’s so incredibly ostentatious and austere, I can’t even fathom where the sense of it is.  One could argue that two of the cars were secret service, even four.  There is no way that eight of them were, not if McCain isn’t wasting taxpayer money.  Is he?

So McCain, in his response, comes up with another easy target.  “John McCain needs nine cars to go get coffee”!

There’s another Meme in there somewhere.  I KAN HAZ GASOLEEN WASTES PLEEZ?

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